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A Rescue Mission for the Church


Mr. E. Ray Moore, founder of the conservative Christian Education Initiative calls it a “Once in a 100-year moment.” “Many people, Christian churches, and some pastors now recognize that it is our responsibility to help parents provide the Christian education for our children, not the government,” said Moore.

Yes, this is a Kairos moment for the Christian church. We have been presented with the opportunity to rescue children that are being taught things that challenge and/or contradict the Word of God.  Seven year old girls may be asked by their teacher:  “Are you really a girl?” or “Do you know that you are a racist because of your skin color?”

Pastor Gary Hamrick from Cornerstone Christian Church in Louden County, Virginia has said, “It’s definitely part of revival that I hope sweeps across this nation in different ways. Not just in terms of schools and education, but what is happening in our churches. The sleeping giant has been awakened and parents are beginning to realize that their kids’ future is at stake.”

Christians can no longer ignore the blatant disregard for biblical morals, values, and truths as society attempts to normalize sin, largely through the education system. Just this summer the National Education Association (NEA) in July 2022 voted to: “…continue our commitment to LGBT youth and all young people’s right to learn about and develop their own sexual orientation and gender identity.” Are we not challenged by Jesus who said: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”? Matt 19: 14 

Perhaps Dr. James Dobson put it best when he said, “We are in a civil war of values, and to the victor go the spoils, which are our children and grandchildren.”  This could be the churches finest hour in America as it seeks to work with parents in “training up a child in the way they should go.” 

Surveys suggest that a growing number of parents no longer want their children in the public schools, but they are unable to afford a private Christian school.  Nor, can many of these families afford to quit their jobs and teach their children from home. Who will help these parents that desire to take their children out of the public school, but they do not have the time, knowledge or funds to create a viable alternative?  Who will become part of the solution and help these families?

Does the answer not rest with God and His church body?  Thousands of churches of various sizes and denominations are part of the landscape of nearly every American city, suburb, town or rural area. And, for the most part, these structures sit empty during the day from Monday through Friday.  But, these houses of worship are potential sites for homeschool families to come together and form co-ops or pods that could teach and train children from a biblical worldview at very little cost. 

With some coordinated effort a community of local churches can become a network that exists to help families that are seeking to find a spiritually “safe” place to educate their children and train them in the way they should go. What can be more important?

Christian churches and their congregations would come together around the spiritual formation and academic needs of children and teens.  And, perhaps in the process, there will an increased unity on the Body of Christ as believers join arm and arm across a town, city, state and this nation to “rescue the children.” This could be the churches finest hour.

A rescue mission for the Church
A rescue mission for the Church